Velázquez and Seville


Seville is the city where Velázquez was born in June 1599 and where he spent the first twenty-four years of his life, before moving to Madrid in 1623 to take up a post at the court of King Philip IV.

He was to remain there until his death in 1660, with the exception of two extensive Italian journeys (in 1629 and 1649) and other shorter stays elsewhere on the Iberian Peninsula. Seville is the city where Velázquez grew up and was educated, quite possibly (no records survive) at the Colegio de San Hermenegildo, a school run by the Jesuits, a religious order with which Velázquez has always been linked. His training as a painter took place in the studio of Francisco Pacheco in the Calle del Puerco (the present-day Calle Trajano), a site now occupied by the Hotel Venecia.

Seville is also the city where Velazquez was married on 23 April 1618 to Juana Pacheco, the daughter of his master, in the church of San Miguel, and where the two daughters of the marriage, Francisca and Ignacia, were born.